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Comprehensive Service Includes

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Comprehensive Service Includes energy audits, savings projections, state-of-the-art products, full installation, warranties, and guaranteed savings. Risk Free With no upfront cost, start saving immediately & only Pay-As-You-Save with ThinkLite’s performance based payment system. 100% Custom Solution Advanced energy efficient lighting technologies are customized to precisely replicate or improve current aesthetics. Rebates and Incentives We complete all required paperwork to ensure our clients receive any available Federal grants, tax credits and rebates. Welcome ThinkLite LLC is a revolutionary commercial lighting efficiency firm dedicated to helping businesses go green without the upfront costs of getting there. We are proud to say our clients save immediately on their monthly energy bills, while making a positive impact on the environment at the same time. We accomplish this goal by providing superior service and only top quality products, while absorbing all the initial cost associated with the upgrade. Read More “We're very happy with the service and with the new lighting that ThinkLite has installed. The lights are similar to and better than our old incandescent lights.” Bob & Judy Greene 5,500 square foot residence “The easiest and most effective way to save thousands of Dollars, while helping the environment.” William and Doris Brown Approximate area: 4,300 square feet “After the project, the ambience was exactly the same as before! Moreover, my monthly electric bills shot down by jasminlive significantly, just as they promised!” Restaurant Chain Owner ThinkLite works closely with each business and government agency to generate a detailed lighting analysis, focused on optimizing lighting efficiency and reducing lighting expenses by up to 80%. Residential Lighting We work closely with homeowners to dramatically reduce their lighting expenses while perfecting the aesthetic appeal of each house, inside and out. © ThinkLite LLC | All Rights Reserved jasmin cams


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